What is Viases Video Call?

Our Video Call solution is a solution which enables video chat between Client and Customer Representative.
Our web-based solution is powered by WebRTC technology. Client starts video chat via web interface or integrated mobile interface, and is directed to an available customer representative.
Once customer representative accepts the request, video chat between client and customer representative begins. Video chat can be recorded, and then be listened via a web interface. Customer representative can also record a part of the video chat during conversation. Videos are, in general, recorded for evidence purposes.
Video call icon, online chat

Customer representative can also capture and save a screenshot of the video chat.
These short videos and screenshots for evidence purposes are also be accessible from the web
interface provided.
Also, a screenshot of the face of client can be captured and sent to 3rd party system for the
purposes of face authentication during video chat. Our video chat solution is also fully integrated with Genesys Engage product.
Our SYS Video Call solution will maximize customer satisfaction by offering a different communication channel on top of the voice and written channels. In addition, you can enable your hearing-impaired clients contact your call center and have conversations using sign