What isViases Recorder?

Viases Recorder is an IP based voice and screen recording system that records call center calls securely and completely.

With Viases Recorder, you can monitor the status of all your representatives, listen to the calls live, view their monitors, and view your history records with detailed filter fields. You can also export the records depending on the authorization, add notes, flag marking, etc.

With the Screen Recording function, you can track the transactions of the customer representatives by recording their screens during the calls.

Use Viases Recorder
to improve the performance of your call center.

You can perform quality management with the evaluation forms you have designed via Viases Recorder. You can categorize your questions, identify your questions and answers, design your quality forms by scoring. You can analyze the results of evaluations with these reports by getting them in the form of various reports.  With advanced quality management functions you can meet quality management requirements such as automatic and random record filtering, calibration, reporting.