Uygur Akkas | Arvato Operation Director

As Arvato, we recently entrusted the performance of our outbound operations to the experience of SYS. With Genesys and Viases solutions, we increased the efficiency of our operations, while IVR Monitor, Agent Monitor and Sales Dashboard solutions provided us with end-to-end Monitoring experience. Whenever you need support, it is a great chance for us to work with a business partner like SYS.

Mustafa Aydin | Katilim Emeklilik - Head of PMO and Operations

Katilim Emeklilik is a company that prioritizes and communicates with its customers from the first day of its foundation. The call center is of great importance as it is our first contact with our customers. To give our customers the right information at the right time, to meet all requests and demands through the call center are very important for us. While researching about a call center, we first met with brands that could meet our criteria in the field of call center technologies and examined the software they offered in detail. We already knew SYS because of its cooperation with Albaraka Turk and it was among the brands we were contacting with. As a result of our investigations, we have seen that SYS can offer us many of the functions we demand, and we decided to start with SYS by evaluating the price performance advantage.