OutSourceCall Center Solutions

Our outsource customers are enjoying the easiness and advantages of being able to manage all call center solutions on a single platform with the Viases Contact Center. Since outsources serve companies in different sectors and scales of different sizes, customer requirements can be differentiated on sectoral basis and they may need IVR, Inbound-Outbound, E-mail, SMS or Dialer system. 


At this point, our outsource customers can respond quickly to the wishes of their customers thanks to flexible and advanced architecture of Viases. Many outsource companies that we work with can make external calls with different types of dialers (Predictive, Progressive, Preview, Robot), and achieve and even get ahead of their competitors in terms of reach rates and production values.

With our advanced IVR application, they can design detailed IVR scenarios and with the Inbound and Outbound scenarios, they serve customers without the need of a customer representative.

for Banks

  • Credit card sales calls
  • Information calls (IVR)
  • Seasonal campaign calls (Motor vehicle tax payment, fee payment, etc.)

Food Industry

  • Order receiving (IVR + Inbound)
  • Survey calls (Outbound)

• Telecommunications (Internet Providers)

  • Renewal calls
  • New sales calls
  • Quota overrun calls (IVR)
  • Satisfaction surveys (IVR)

Insurance Sector

  • Persuasive calls for those wishing to quit Individual retirement