What isViases IVR?

Viases IVR is an automated voice response system that serves to interact with callers by dialing or voice commands. Transactions such as invoice inquiry, debt reminder, credit card payment, survey, appointment reminder can be easily performed through the Viases IVR system without the need for a customer representative.


With Viases IVR, you can reduce costs and automate routine tasks that one or more customer agents have to do. You can provide a more reliable service because the margin of error is reduced to zero by operations performed by the system. With the Viases IVR system that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can offer your customers the privilege of uninterrupted service. Your customers can perform their transactions quickly and safely without being limiting to working hours.  A well-designed Viases IVR system can enhance the image of your company as a company that attaches importance to its customers and uses technology. With a flexible and convenient web interface, you can quickly and easily design your IVR scenarios with drag and drop. Without the help of IT, you can add new scenarios to the system and update your existing scenarios. You can take reports on the same system and analyze your data in full detail.