What isViases Scripter?

Scripter is a system which automates many processes regarding how the call center agent should address the customer, introduce himself/herself, inform and direct the customer, and meet the objections; which can be quickly and easily designed for each and every campaign; and which guides the call center agent from the beginning of the call to the end.

Viases Scripter helps the entire call flow be determined in advance and the call center agent be directed during the call in the best way possible. As it automates all these processes, Viases Scripter is of great importance for call centers. It significantly contributes to the sales performance, time management, workforce management, quality measurement, and productivity.

The user-friendly interface allows you to easily design your own screens with drag-and-drop.  You can design your pages with controls such as button, label, textbox, combobox, datagrid, linklabel, iframe, and you can link your pages with the flow design and perform various operations between the pages. You can publish prepared scripts special for campaigns and start using them.

  • Provides a simple and easy-to-use interface to design, create, and manage campaign texts
  • Receives data from external systems of customers, to provide customers within the text
  • Saves the results of text to internal and external systems
  • Offers a variety of reporting options
  • Shortens the training process for new customer representatives
  • Provides the options of integration with various call center platforms and automated search systems
  • Manages campaigns professionally, simultaneously
  • Improves customer representatives efficiency
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Allows reading of the same and correct text for campaigns and customers