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If you want to end the appointment losses of your hospital; all you have to do is to have an SYS appointment reminder system!


The SYS Appointment Reminder System is used to remind and confirm appointments to your predetermined patients. The system will automatically call the patient who has already made an appointment via the registered phone number. It reads the appointment day, time, doctor’s name to the patient and asks them to confirm the appointment, and also offers the patient the option to cancel the appointment at this date and time. New appointment is given via hospital automation system (HBYS) in an integrated way. In this way, there will be no loss of appointment. These calls can be made to separate groups at different times with different scenarios.

Integrated with HBYS Automation System

Reduces Time
and Cost

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Before the Viases Dialer System has been commissioned, while assigning separate agents for each physician and calling the patients manually to confirm them in real time, with this system, we now have a shorter time and cost advantage compared to manual searches for all your physicians. When we look at the reports we have received with this system, we have seen that the average daily canceled 100 appointments provide us with a significant added value. For example, if we consider that we have 1000 appointments per day, we can say that instead of the 10% cancellation appointments,  we provide service to other patients than the 100 patients who canceled their appointment with Dialer calls. (percentages are approximate)

With the SYS customer satisfaction and survey calls module, it is possible to get answers to all questions via daily weekly and monthly reports.

Patient Satisfaction CallsIVR Survey Module

In order to measure the customer satisfaction in the incoming calls with the survey module, you can make a survey on the IVR with the customer without terminating the call and get the results from the reports. Or you can call the customers after the appointment and measure their satisfaction about the service they receive or the desired situation.

You can Perform Satisfaction Survey

You can Report the Results

You can Measure Satisfaction