Citizen Information System
SYS Viases Robot Dialer Module

It can be applied to informing about campaigns, additional services, announcements and events organized for all citizens by municipalities, chambers of commerce and public institutions.


The relevant campaign, announcement or supplementary service are pre-defined on the system and the call planning is done. All citizens registered to the system for the campaign at the scheduled date are automatically called and announcement is made. If the person called has answered, the relevant announcement or campaign information is transferred.

Thanks to the SYS Viases Outbound Dialer Module, consulting services will be accelerated and campaigns will reach more contacts and the efficiency of your Call center will increase by up to 30%.

By adding the SYS Viases Outbound Dialer Module to your system, you can provide all the information about your announcements, additional services or their own accounts.  And you can do it without a customer representative.

What Municipalities Can Do with Viases?

  • The municipality can make citizens listen to the voice messages that Mayor wants to convey to the public,
  • Real estate and other taxes can be paid 7/24 over automation program with municipalities and chambers via virtual pos integration.
  • Announce your social activities such as events, theater, cinema, conferences and seminars in your district,
  • Inform your citizens about the additional health services that are included into the scope of health center of your municipality,
  • Announce the updates to your municipality's transportation service or transportation service hours,
  • And give your citizens information about the infrastructure work of your municipality (such as electricity, water, natural gas interruptions etc.).

How to Use Viases in Trade Chambers?

  • It is possible to learn the registration, declaration, chamber registration and application results of Chamber of Commerce;
  • Subscription fees and Firm debt status,
  • Online information requests from your services within the data bank,
  • Document and approval procedures,
  • Commercial dispute settlement process of commercial disputes,
  • And the results of commercial visa transactions and application results and get all the detailed information.

Collection Module Virtual Pos Application

It is an Outbound call module which is made by integration with virtual pos system for debt collection. The virtual pos services provided by the bank are integrated into the IVR system and the customer can make the payment on the IVR by dialing the card information.

To use the Virtual Pos feature, agents can transfer incoming calls to the IVR collection step, incoming calls can make payment directly over IVR via this step, or customers called with Robot Dialer can be directed to the payment step by the system. The amount to be collected on the system will be transferred to the IVR for payment by entering the information by the agents via the add-on interface to be prepared by SYS.