ViasesInsurance Solutions

With Viases insurance solutions, maximize customer satisfaction by improving the quality of service offered to your customers by customer representatives at your call center.


Abandoned Call Module(CallBack)

With the Inbound or Outbound Dialer system, there may be calls (abandoned) of the customers calling or called by the Call Center yet cannot start a call due to engaged lines or for some other reasons. These calls can be automatically uploaded to a common pool by the system. The customer representative can switch to the outbound call status at any time and call the missed calls and the data in the pool in order of priority. Thus, if the persons who couldn’t reach you, hang up the line or cannot contact you in busy conditions have been called back by the system, you can follow the information such as what kind of transaction is made as a result of such calls.  With SYS Viases Callback module, you can access all calls with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Personal Retirement Insurance Package

  • Total paid and periodic premium inquiry,
  • Learning the scope of related security deposit,
  • Learning the collective payment at the end of the term,
  • Compensation payment for accident within the scope of security deposit,
  • General information about the policy,
  • Listening transactions such as the current account query of the Agency over the telephone,
  • Communication over Mail, Chat and other channels and send this information as a text message with SMS
  • With Virtual Pos Integration, payment and collection transactions can be made 24/7

Elementary Insurance Solutions

  • Damage tracking depending on the policy,
  • Notification of damage location,
  • Notification of missing paper,
  • Damage Payment day information,
  • Expert report information and Agency current account information can be provided
  • In addition, payment and collection transactions can be done 24/7 via Virtual Pos Integration.

Automatic Provision Solutions

  • To receive the contracted organization code,
  • To receive new password,
  • To receive policy number,
  • Scope of coverage,
  • To receive an interactive confirmation number,
  • To read related information by voice,
  • To read valid collateral codes, to provide the related information to doctors or health institutions.
  • In addition, payment and collection transactions can be done 24/7 via Virtual Pos Integration.