Discover the Power

We are a team working to reach our common goals by giving our name to the Interactive Voice Response technologies, preserving our values, combining our strengths.

We were founded in Istanbul in 1992. As one of the leading names of the sector, we started to offer robot operator and IVR technology services. As we were continuing to grow as an integrator we also made an important investment and established our own R&D department. In 2004, we created our own brand in the sector with Viases IVR and got one more step closer to our goals.

In 2015, thanks to our 23-year-old R&D experience and innovative structure, we put our mark under a giant project and provided the sector with our Viases Cloud Contact Center product.

Today, with many awards we were given and our over 5000 completed system installation experience, we continue to give support to companies in all sizes and from all sectors.

Our Goal

Providing service extending beyond expectations of customers.

Our Strengths

  • Brain power

  • Team Spirit

  • Advenced technology

  • Communication

  • Determination to lead the way

Our Values

  • Respecting our work, being an expert at what we do

  • Favoring competition, improving ourselves

  • Keeping our promise, building trust

  • Treating fairly

  • Proud of being a part of SYS