What isViases Dialer?

Viases Dialer is an automatic outbound call system that increases the efficiency in call centers compared to manual calls.

It analyzes the calls of customer representatives with the advanced external search algorithm and performs new search attempts with minimum waiting time. It also analyzes the data in real time and accelerates or slows down the search speed accordingly. With Viases Dialer, you can keep your transportation rates and production values ​​to the maximum. With Viases CPD support, you can detect operator announcements and increase your efficiency by connecting only customer calls to customer representatives.

Ergonomic Interface and Web Based Technology

You can edit the outgoing call settings and change the call speed externally. Using this interface, you can create your campaign, upload your data as a list to the campaign, stop and start these lists, and track their real-time status.

Predictive Call

Predictive call is the most aggressive and efficient call type. Like the progressive call, the system makes a call and connects the answered calls to the representative. In addition, during the call, it tries to connect the calls to the representatives as soon as possible using the call algorithms. In this call type, the loaded data, the number of delegates, campaign settings, and so on are analyzed then the call is made by running the forecasting algorithms accordingly.

Preview Call

For this type of call, customer representatives have the opportunity to review customer information before making a call. It is a preferred type of call for private customer calls, and the customer representative performs the call.

Progressive Call

In this type of call, when the customer representatives are ready in the system, the system starts an automatic call and the answered calls are connected to the representative. The system makes the call according to the representative, does not take risks.

Robot Call

It is the type of call made without the need of a customer representative. The loaded data is called automatically via the system and service is provided to the answered call with the scenarios prepared through the Viases IVR system.